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What cute toys! They’re adorable and different. My cats love the crinkly sound inside, and I enjoy watching them wrestle with it.
— Cat Fancy Magazine Editors'Choice 2014
Give Mittens something good to wrestle. This large Sockitty from GoCat crinkles, jingles, and entices your cat to play for hours on end! Filled with organic catnip, it will surely drive your cat wild!
— Modern Cat Fave Find 2015
We had the pleasure of testing some Go Cat Toys and they are currently being dragged all over the house as I’m typing this. If your kitty needs a worthy opponent, look no further, Sockitty® and MyMouse® will make the perfect punching bag.
— Hauspanther
Anytime a novel toy can be used to enhance the quality of life of a cat, I’m typically for it. The Sockitty contains crinkly material that’s enhanced with the alluring draw of catnip. It’s a product that’s useful and harkens back to the days of childhood sock toys. Although there were no live cats on site testing the Sockitty, it was remarkable to see the video of cats in action having their way with the Sockitty.
— Dr. Patrick Mahaney, Certified Veterinary Journalist
Popcorn got a gift in the mail from Go Cat Toys® and her present is quickly becoming her favorite thing that’s ever happened in the history of the cat world.

(Including the time she got the toilet lid open and the time I accidentally dropped a pat of melty butter on her head.)
— Dear Lady A
If Kip looks concerned he has good reason to be. Ever since the arrival of Go Cat Toys®, Haddie seems rather enamored...
— I Have Cat
My new favorite toy my owner got me at @catconla. Thanks gocattoys for this amazing product. This will never leave my side.
— Mary Jane, The Cat


My 3-year-old kitty Lily was immediately drawn to the package- she could smell the catnip! But I was most interested to see how my 17-year-old kitty, Piccolo, would respond to it. Piccolo has kidney disease and hypertension, and he seems to have some vision loss. He hasn’t been feeling well lately and spends most of his time curled up on my bed, uninterested in playing with anything. But when I brought the Sockitty to him, he responded right away, alternating between biting it and resting his head on it. I’m so pleased for him to have something he can enjoy after the rough patch he’s been through with his health recently.
— Linda K.
I was looking for a present for my sister and her dozen cats; in spite of a little sticker shock I was certain that a true cat-person had created these and I knew at least some of the dastardly dozen would love this toy. During my weeklong visit I could hear them playing with it at late hours and early morn in hours of enjoyment. Bravo!
— Laura A.
All I can say here is that if you have a cat (or better yet, multiple cats), and you want a durable toy that they will absolutely go bonkers over, this is your ticket! MyMouse has become the favorite toy of our kitties; it is played with, loved, beat-up, loved again, cuddled with, hunted, and in the end, hugged tightly as they fall asleep. Brilliant!!
— Erin W.
These are adorable toys - durable enough for biting, scratching, and clawing, yet soft and cuddly enough to sleep the night through. My husband and I have multiple cats and this is THE toy they all want to play with and snuggle with... they rock!!
— Erin W. (again)
I love everything about this cat toy! Not only do cats adore it, but it’s cute, cool and locally made. Shipped right on time too! A round of Sockittys and MyMouses for all cats!
— Sarah M.